bFan Reviews - Cooler Sleeping and Sweat-Free Nights?

bFan - A Bed Fan to Keep You Cool at Hot Summer Nights

Take a look at the new features, design, and brand direction of the bFan. Here is what makes the bFan unique for hot sleepers and how it gives you a cooler night's sleep.

bFan Review - Cooler Sleeping with the New and Improved bFan.

The bFan helps hot sleepers achieve something that many struggle with--sleeping in a cooler temperature throughout the night. If you sweat a lot in bed, getting a good night's sleep always seems like a bit of an elusive goal.

Can a cooling fan be an effective solution for sweaty sleepers?

Let's see if the new, improved bFan(aka bedFan) will provide the cooler mattress you're looking for.

What is bFan Bed Fan?

The bFan is a compact and elegantly designed bed fan that blows cool air under your covers while you sleep. In essence,

  • It helps to keep your mattress cool during hot summer nights
  • You can save on the electricity bill
  • Get targeted cooling directly where you need it.

The bFan is a straightforward yet elegant solution. Many people struggle to keep themselves from sweating through their sheets while they try to rest. Bumping up the air conditioning can cause massive energy bills, and opening the windows can invite in pests and undesirables.

So, what is a sweaty sleeper to do?

Owner Kurt Tompkins invented the bFan in 2000. It started as a small-town Texas company, and to this day remains that way at its core--despite its success commercially.

BFan is 100% assembled in the USA, and most of its parts are produced domestically. It's fair to say that the bFan is a well-made product with a great story behind it.

So, let's take the time to dive into the bFan a bit further, and see what it can really do, shall we?

Select the right bFan height for your mattress

bFan - Under the Sheet Bed Fan - Design and Setup

The bFan is pretty straightforward at first glance. This upside-down 'L' shaped fan is extremely easy to set up and run and ready to go from box to bed in seconds. This simple setup makes it a very attractive bed fan choice for those who don't like juggling pesky assembly instructions (who does?).

The creative design allows users to adjust the bFan vent to meet their bed's height and position it as needed. It can work with beds anywhere from 19" - 37", which essentially makes it a 'one size fits all' bed fan.

The fan itself is placed against the bed and secured by tucking in the top sheet around the blower and under the mattress. This mechanism holds the fan in place and blows the cool air around your body!

The overall aesthetic of the fan itself has a rather low impact. With its soft white color, it can fit into almost any decor and room style. It has an elegant design that gives the fan a modern and sleek look. While it might not be the market's most 'sexy' bed fan, the bFan isn't ugly.

The fan system has been well-designed. Inside, it features a dual-wheeled 'cage' blower that performs effectively without the excess noise usually associated with fans. The fan function is one of BFan 's main design advantages over the competition. It's quiet, and the dual wheel cage blowers pump out some serious airflow.

Who Is The bFan Designed For?

Besides people who like sleeping with a cool breeze surrounding them, the bFan is ideal for different potential buyers. The bFan bed fan can be beneficial for those suffering from a wide variety of clinical and medical conditions. For example:

So, in essence, the bFan is useful for anyone who suffers from high body temperature during the night. No matter the cause, the bFan can help cool you down and bring on a good night's sleep free from night sweats and heat.

Bedfan vs. bFan

By now, you probably think that you have seen something like this before. That could very well be true. That's because the bFan bed cooling system is a new and improved version of the Bedfan v 1.5. The Bedfan v 1.5 was the latest iteration of Tompkins' invention before changing course and rebranding as the new bFan.

As with any product, when a new version comes out, there are likely to be updated features. The Bedfan v 1.5 and the bFan are similar in concept and execution, but the bFan does come with an extra few bells and whistles. For example:

  • New and improved chassis design.
  • Wireless remote for the fan setting control.
  • Brushless blowers that cut down on dust and particulate collection.
  • Quieter design.
  • One size fits all adjustment capabilities.

These small little tweaks to the overall design make the bFan more user-friendly and an effective bed cooling device for warm sleepers.

FAQs About the bFan

Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions people may have about the bFan cooling fan.

How does the bFan save on electricity?

The bFan itself uses up less power than your average box fan. As we all know, turning up your air conditioning increase your energy bills into intolerable levels. On the other hand, it is cheaper to operate bFan throughout the warmer seasons, or as needed. If you use a bed cooler like bFan, you can help keep yourself cool at night without blowing the budget.

How quiet is the bFan?

The bFan is exceptionally quiet, even on the highest settings. The noise of the fan comes in at about 28-54dB. The noise, of course, depends on the speed and power setting you have the fan on. But for comparison, 30dB is about the sound of a whisper. 50dB is about the sound of light rainfall. This is how quiet and soothing you can expect the bFan to be during regular use.

Does it come with a wireless remote?

The new bFan has a wireless remote for easy access and control over the bed fan. The previous Bedfan version did not have wireless remote control. So, without getting up from your bed, you can adjust the bed fan easily.

Pros & Cons

When reading the reviews of the bFan, you'll notice that they're pretty overwhelmingly positive. However, there are a few highlights and downsides that consumers are quick to point out in their reviews. Here are just a few of the most noteworthy:

Pros of the bFan:

Consumer reviews paint a picture of value and high-quality build construction.

Many reviewers find that the overall price to features the value ratio of the bFan is well worth the investment.

Besides, they find that the unit itself feels very sturdy and well-built--this is likely due to the high-quality parts and manufacturing process in the USA.

The Cons of the bFan

Many consumers have discussed that the bFan might have some trouble standing up on its own if the carpet or flooring is imbalanced.

Also, there are some complaints about the bFan coming out of the sheets if the sleeper is prone to moving a lot during sleep.

On top of this, there is some consideration that the bFan can only cool one side or the entire bed. If you are a hot sleeper, but your partner is not, this could be an issue. By the way, there is a product mentioned in the alternative option section below that helps with this issue!

Alternative Bed Cooling Fans

There are a few notable competitors to the bFan on the market. Here are a couple of the more noteworthy ones:

Brookstone Bed Fan

The Brookstone bed fan has since been discontinued. However, it was viewed by many to be a cheap knockoff of the original Bedfan in both design and functionality. However, the reviews on the Brookstone were not great.

Night Bliss

Night Bliss is another competing product that bed fan shoppers should know about. However, it is not currently on sale due to complications with Covid-19. The Night Bliss has multiple fan settings and works quite a bit differently from the bFan--at a bit higher sale price.


The Bedjet is a high end and a high-tech bed fan air system. It can do both heating and cooling and allows for multiple concurrent preset timers for turning on/off throughout the night. Also, the Bedjet can handle dual temperature zones for separate temperature controls on either side of the bed.

Where to Buy Your Own bFan

Currently, the bFan is not yet available on retailers such as Amazon. While there are a few retailers that sell it, your best bet is to get the fan directly from the manufacturer.

It should be noted that the bFan is on backorder at the moment, and they do take about four weeks to arrive from the order. However, the bFan does come with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. So that means once you do get one, you have a month to decide if you love it and if it helps you sleep better. If not, you at least get your money back! No harm, no foul.

Final Thoughts

The bFan is a pretty nifty little bed cooler for your mattress. It helps you lower your bed temperature and keep your bed cold on hot summer nights. Although it may not be the market's most feature-rich bed fan, it's an amazing value for what it can do. The new features and overhauled design make the new bFan a great fan for sleeping.