Will Bamboo Sheets Keep Me Cool?

Do Bamboo Sheets Sleep Cool?

Bamboo cooling sheets are a great option for "hot sleepers," helping to keep them cool. For many sleepers, the temperature can be the deciding factor for bedding. "Night sweats" affect up to 41% of people, creating a demand for cooling sheets and bed linens. Besides being a cool alternative, bamboo sheets are a great sustainable option for consumers and are also cost-effective.

What Are Bamboo Sheets, And How Are They Made?

Something to keep in mind about bamboo sheets is that there are multiple types, which vary in production. Bamboo textile is fabric made up of fiber produced from the bamboo plant. There are chemical derivations as well as mechanical.

Specifically, there are four main varieties, and their characteristics vary much based on their production and materials used.

  1. Rayon Bamboo – Also Known as Bamboo Viscose Rayon bamboo sheets are naturally hypoallergenic cooling, and incredibly soft and moisture-wicking. This type of fabric is also bacteria and odor resistant. Rayon bamboo bed sheets are created using a chemical process using carbon disulfide, which is a solvent. However, because of the use of carbon disulfide, rayon bamboo sheets defeat the purpose of being eco-friendly as the chemical manufacturing process is harmful to the environment and even banned in the United States of America.
  2. Bamboo Lyocell
    Bamboo Lyocell sheets are manufactured from raw bamboo pulp. Bamboo Lyocell is more environmental-friendly since a non-toxic solvent is used during chemical procedures. More durable and softer than bamboo rayon, this fabric makes it a superior fabric option.
  3. Bamboo Modal
    Bamboo Modal sheets are very similar to rayon bamboo sheets, created using the same chemical manufacturing process. This fabric is thin and airy and it is a great option for sportswear. However, it is a little too thin to make for good bed linens.
  4. Bamboo Linen Fiber – Also Known as Bast Bamboo Fiber
    Bamboo Linen Fiber varies from the other types of bamboo fabric as it is mechanically processed rather than chemically. Since it wrinkles easily and is not very soft, it is a weaker choice for bedding.

How Do Bamboo Sheets Keep Me Cool?

Bamboo sheets are known for having a natural cooling effect, making them a great option for those who sweat in their sleep.

Specifically, bamboo sheets contain fiber absorption qualities that help wick the moisture away, keeping you fresh and cool.

Also, bamboo sheets are antibacterial and help absorb the bacteria that sweat creates. However, not all bamboo sheets are created equally.

Bamboo rayon bed sets are the best for cooling, while the modal, lyocell and linen fiber options have reduced cooling properties in comparison. Besides, bamboo sheets are light, thin, and airy, aiding them in their cooling properties.

Bamboo Sheets Have Other Benefits Too

While bamboo sheets are a great cooling option for hot sleepers, they also have other benefits.

  • Bamboo sheets are eco-friendly and sustainable.

    Bamboo sheets offer a sustainable option to many man-made and less available alternatives. Bamboo is incredibly fast-growing and grows easily. Suppliers can easily keep up the supply for this material by planting more bamboo due to its growth rate. Additionally, bamboo requires little to no fertilizers or pesticides and thrives naturally.

  • Bamboo sheets are cost-effective.

    As stated above, bamboo is incredibly fast-growing and hardy, ensuring that farmers can meet the bamboo demands of manufacturing plants. As there is little effort to source the material needed, this helps keep costs down as there is more than enough supply to meet the demand.

How Do Bamboo Sheets Vary from Other Materials?

  • First, are bamboo sheets the coolest sheets?

    Honestly, this will come down to opinion and experience. There are a few options for cooling sheets. However, cool bamboo sheets are a great option for heavy sleepers.

  • Are bamboo sheets cooler than cotton?

    Yes, cotton sheets hold more heat than bamboo sheets. While there are high-end cotton materials, bamboo threads tend to be softer compared to cotton and help give it the smooth, thin characteristic of bamboo sheets that help keep the material cool. Also, bamboo sheets tend to be more environmentally friendly than cotton.

  • Are bamboo sheets better than microfiber?

    For hot sleepers, bamboo sheets are hands down the better choice over microfiber bedding. Microfiber bedding is a man-made material that has little-to-no airflow making microfiber the better option for cold sleepers. While microfiber is smooth and comfortable, it traps all of the heat in and is moisture resistant- the opposite to its bamboo counterpart.

What Bamboo Sheet Do We Recommend?

One of the best options for bamboo sheets is the Second Skin sheets from Perfect Linens. These sheets are certified chemically safe and are naturally antibacterial and eco-friendly. Produced with a special weave that discourages pills and wrinkles, the material is incredibly smooth and soft with a flow over-the-skin-drape.


Overall, bamboo bedding sheets are a great option for those who tend to overheat in the night while they sleep. These sheets hold up to 50% more water than cotton, are smooth, thin, and breathable, and have natural cooling properties.