Night Bliss Bed Cooling System – Solution for Hot Flashes?

Night Bliss Bed Cooling System for Hot Sleepers

Night Bliss Bed Cooling System - Making Sleep The Best Part of Your Day

Night Bliss Bed Cooling System – Bed Fan for Hot Flashes

Sleep is one of the most important parts of our day, and Night Bliss Bed Cooling systems work to keep sleep peaceful, cool, and uninterrupted.

Night Bliss knows sleep is our re-charging time- when our body takes a break to essentially reboot our entire system and perform other important functions that we need to be human!

Hot flashes, sweat, bad dreams, racing thoughts; these nasty interruptions can leave a person tossing and turning for hours, essentially ruining our body's ability to rest and making us more tired, irritable, and even sicker in the long term!

Investing in a bed cooling system is a great way to improve your sleep and your health for years to come.

The Story

Night Bliss was invented out of total necessity. The creator and her husband both struggled with hot flashes and restless sleep, leaving them anxious and unwilling to sleep comfortably or near each other.

The result of their innovation is a revolutionary new bed cooling system that's unobtrusive but effective, powerfully cooling you all night long and letting you enjoy a peaceful and restful night's sleep on your own or with a loved one.

Night Bliss – Setup

Night Bliss fans offer three different models, but their overall design and set up is essentially the same.

The product is a small fan that's designed to sit at the end of your bed under your sheets and deliver a cooling, direct airflow that relieves heat or sweat associated with hot flashes or other sleeping conditions.

Each fan setup is customized to your mattress's thickness and bed design, helping to provide you with the ideal product setup to ensure maximum airflow and cooling during the night.

Your fan arrives with a support brace that you install onto your mattress as your first step. The support brace comes into two pieces that connect for the stable support of your fan.

One end slides under your mattress to anchor the fan firmly to your bed, while the other sits comfortably at the foot of your bed to provide a stable platform for your cooling fan to rest on.

Both pieces comfortably attach and connect to your bed sheets as well to minimize air loss out the back of your covers and keep cold air trapped and circulating under your covers. From there, it's time to attach your Night Bliss cooling fan.

Night Bliss – Sizes and Models

A wireless button to control night bliss bed fan

Depending on what type of fan you purchase, the size of your cooling system will differ.

The Cool Sleep Model 2 is for smaller beds or travel sleeping. With two powerful fans, the delicate cooling system provides powerful relief despite its petit size.

The Cool Sleep Model 3 features three industrial-strength fans all compactly tucked into one lightweight machine. It delivers 50% more airflow than the brand's smaller Model 2 and seven times more cooling than any other bed air support system, and the fan inflates an air tunnel in seconds that stays constant and cool however long the machine is on.

The Model 3+ is for those who want the maximum cooling effect. It also features three fans, but they operate at a higher power level and immediately provide 10-12 mph cooling winds.

The bed fan comes with a courtesy separator bar that you can place in front of your fan to direct the airflow and isolate the wind, so it only faces you.

All three units attach very simply via a strong velcro grip to the support brace, so you won't have to worry about them unattached in your sleep.

How do Fans Work?

The Night Bliss cooling fan works relatively simple as a fan designed to sit under sheets. Once attached, your sheets fold over the fan and secure to the back and sides of your bed to lock in airflow.

Each version of the fan comes with a sliding remote you can use to control the airflow.

For the Model 2 and Model 3 fans, the wired remote control attaches directly to the fan and can be kept under your pillow for easy access.

The Model 3+ features a wireless remote that's attached to a magnetic pendant, so you can wear it around your neck for ease of access while you sleep or leave it on the bedside table as well.

You can also preselect and time your wind blasts so you don't wake up in freezing air but can still sleep all night comfortably long.

This bed fan cooling system is a great solution for anyone struggling with hot or restless sleep. Originally designed for people suffering from effects of menopause such as heat flashes or night sweats, today men and women use it to create cooler sleeping arrangements that help them manage their health and still sleep with a partner without feeling like you're drowning in puddles of sweat.

FAQ about Night Bliss

Is the Night Bliss Air Cooling System Noisy?

No, the Night Bliss Air Cooling System is not noisy. There's a quiet hum associated with any fan that you might be able to hear, but many reviewers state that it functions more like white noise that you don't even notice, and that can even help lull you back to sleep over time.

How Much Airflow Does the Night Bliss Cooling System Produce?

The amount of airflow the Night Bliss cooling system produces depends heavily on the model you get. Each model comes with industrial-size fans, but they're all designed to have varying levels of power. The Model 2 produces a maximum output of 220 cubic feet per minute in airpower, while the Model 3 produces 330. The Model 3+ delivers 10-12 mph gusts of wind for an instantly cooling and most powerful effect of any model.

Does the Night Bliss Cooling System Have A Wireless Remote?

The Model 3+ system has a wireless remote that can be worn around your neck or left on your bedside table for maximum comfort and ease of access. The Model 2 and Model 3 cooling systems feature a wired remote with a cord long enough to extend from your fan all the way up to your pillow.

Where Can I Buy It?

Right now, the Night Bliss cooling system manufacturer is not producing or shipping units as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The bed fan units are also unavailable on Amazon, so your best bet is to check with distributors or check the website and Amazon pages regularly to see when the models will become available again.

Once you do get your hands on a Night Bliss fan system, you can be certain your unit will last you a long time. The manufacturer offers a warranty program and customer support services to help you fix any problems and make sure your device operates at full capacity for years to come.

Final Thoughts

The Night Bliss cooling system is a revolutionary innovation in sleep assistance. The cooling effects of this fan are sure to make a huge difference in the lives of many hot sleepers.

No more creams, pills, treatments, fans, or freezing ACs- this in-bed cooling system takes the relief of AC directly to you so you can experience immediate relief night after night.

The customizable setup and optional divider bars also help design a set up that works best for you, so you can direct and create an airflow that keeps exactly who you want to be cooled on your timetable all night long.

Portable, powerful, and efficient, the Night Bliss cooling system represents a new step forward in useful and practical sleep technology, and we expect many people will be able to benefit from its creative innovations for years to come.


Night Bliss cooling system is a creative sleep assistance for those suffering from hot flashes. This fan's cooling impact can make a big difference in many hot sleepers' lives.